Exciting news – I’m about to hit the road again, with Paul Gerard and his inimitable guitar. We’ll be performing a sequel to our popular show Evening in Andalusia, featuring another poem from Girl Reading Lorca – ‘Madrid June 19, 2011’. It’s called Indignados! Paul has written new music to accompany it, and we’ll also perform one or two other new poems from Girl Reading Lorca.

We’ll be posting Indignados! updates in this here blog (under the Indignados category), and sharing them through Facebook. Please note that we’ll be deleting our old Evening in Andalusia page because Facebook, in their wisdom, wouldn’t let us change the name. (They thought it would be too confusing for you, dear friends. We do not think you are so silly.)

Instead we’ll share updates directly from this blog via our usual facebook feeds, so please follow one or both of us, to keep up with all the coming performances: