• Physick (Shoestring Press, 2016) – Shortlisted for the Tasmanian Premier’s Book Prize 2017
  • Girl Reading Lorca (Picaro, 2015; republished Bright South 2017)
  • Silently on the Tide – Voted one of Tasmania’s 15 favourite books, and the only book of poetry to make that list. (Walleah Press, 2005)
  • The View from the Non-Members’ Bar (Hazard Press, 1992)

Collaborative works

Pete enjoys working collaboratively with Tasmanian artists and writers, and has published the following collaborative works:

  • Poets and Painters: Celebrating the Big Punchbowl, co-edited with Carol Bett (series of poet/painter collaborations featuring the Tasmanian Land Conservancy’s Big Punchbowl property, on Tasmania’s east coast. Published by Bett Gallery and Tasmanian Land Conservancy, 2017)
  • Last Days of the Mill, with Tony Thorne – Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2013 Tasmanian Book Prize (dramatic monologues and reproductions of artworks by Tony Thorne, Forty Degrees South, 2012)
  • The Forests, with Matthew Newton (photo essay with text, Matthew Newton Publishing, 2008)

An edited compendium

In 1982 Pete edited Meeting of Sighs:  The Folk Verse of Victoria’s Western District (WIP).

How to buy

Physick, Silently on the Tide, Girl Reading Lorca and Last Days of the Mill are available from The Hobart Bookshop.


Poems to read and listen to

Here are some poems available in full on this website:

Special! Preview of new works:

Poems on Walleah Press site (external links):

  • Flower Cone – Physick (Shoestring Press, 2016).  First published in Famous Reporter.
  • Echidna – Physick (Shoestring Press, 2016). First published in Famous Reporter.
  • The Duck’s Guts – Last Days of the Mill (Forty Degrees South, 2012); Physick (Shoestring Press, 2016). First published in Famous Reporter.
  • Dove Lake Tanka – Silently On The Tide. First published in Midday Horizon, 1996, edited by P. Boyle, M. Bradstock and M. Langford (Published by Round Table).
  • Sunset on the Irish Festival –  First published in Famous Reporter.
  • Skullbone –  First published in Communion.


Pete reading ‘Sound to the World’ at the launch of Physick, Hobart Bookshop, 18th August 2016.

Pete Hay reading ‘Girl Reading Lorca’, with music by Paul Gerard and photos by Pete. Sound recorded during the performance of Evening in Andalusia, at the Peacock Theatre, 3rd August 2017.

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