Opposing a monstrous tailings dam in the Tarkine/Takanya

I posted earlier (on Facebook), news of my arrest in the Tarkine. I was there in the good cause of opposing the proposal to site a monstrous tailings dam north of the Pieman River in the Tarkine/Takanya on Tasmania’s West Coast. The great Matt Newton interviewed me in situ – or attempted to – and again later in the precinct of the activist camp. I though there might be some interest in Matt’s footage, so here it is. An apology is needed, though. In the video I estimate the extent of the proposed dam through superimposing it upon Hobart’s inner northern suburbs – but it was not me but my good friend, architect John Button, who worked these dimensions out. John is a former team-mate in the much esteemed veterans cricket team – the Thylacinians – members of whom sat alongside me in the road-blocking ‘action’, and were duly arrested. Anyway, I hope you find the video material interesting.


Thank you to Matthew Newton for the header image on this page (and many others on this site).

‘Balding Nevis’

This is my favourite paper, and exists in article and essay versions.  The one posted here was published in Geographical Research in 2008.  It clearly refutes the notion that the sawmilling and specialty timbers communities are 100% supportive of exploitative industrial logging, and offers is a dramatic corrective to accepted wisdoms in my island’s ongoing hemorrhaging over the fate of the forests. Continue reading “‘Balding Nevis’”