A History of the Midlands Tree Committee

What would a geographer-turned-poet do when he’s not writing poetry? Well, in this case, he has turned his hand to local history. With my good friend, Tom Dunbabin, I have just had published, a sumptuously presented book, A History of the Midlands Tree Committee, 1983-2014. Now you might think this is neither here nor there, but in fact, not to indulge in any false modesty, this is quite an important study. The Midlands Tree Committee holds iconic status within Landcare, not just in Tasmania, but in all Australia. This was landcare before Landcare came into existence – it is Australia’s very first Landcare group, then. It blazed a path for others, and it’s preeminence in this regard merits acknowledgement. In this book Tom and I chart seismic shifts in landcaring philosophy – in which volunteerism itself is pitched into crisis, identifying evolving ideas of what constitutes best and on-ground rural conservation practice.

I would like to acknowledge my co-author, Tom Dunbabin. No writer could want for a more cheerful and skilled collaborator. The doughty folk of the MTC and their tireless commitment over three decades, also merits acknowledgement.

If your interests trend in this direction, this is a book you could well consider purchasing. To do so, contact:

  • Helen Geard 0417 599 816
  • Maria Weeding 0408 541 399