Listen out – I’ll be on RN! And did you notice this is a new site?

Last week I read a poem for RN (Radio National), a pre-recording to be broadcast in the Friday 8-9am timeslot. I read the second section of ‘Regret’, the less abstract part of the larger poem, that which considers the poignant interaction between an anonymous male Aboriginal and the equally anonymous French sailor, Piron. (Well, Piron was ‘equally anonymous’ at the time I wrote the poem, though I’ve been told that subsequent scholarship has supplied much biographical data.) It was a portentous engagement, and I’ve always preferred this section of ‘Regret’ to the more abstract first part of the poem. ‘Regret’ is to be found in the third group of poems in Physick, ‘Metaphysics’. What I can’t tell you, however, is on which upcoming Friday the poem will go to air. Sorry. But tune in.

And by the way, you may not realise it, because things shouldn’t look very different (although, if you weren’t using ad blockers, you will find that gone are those pesky ads!); however, if you look carefully at the address of this page, you may discover that you are not where you are used to being! That’s because I now have my own domain –, so the site has undergone momentous changes. These have involved moving it away from the old, free (at cost of ads) address (, to the new domain and host. You may want to update your bookmarks, if you have any. If you accidentally find yourself on the old page, you should be able to correct the error soon enough, with the guidance you will find there.

My thanks go to Daniela Brozek, she who devised, crafted, and continues to manage the site, and also to Yoav (Daniel) Bar-Ness, who generously hosts my new site. Many of the photographs that grace my webpages are Daniela’s. You may like to see some more of her work on her page, (she assures me some photo galleries are coming). Yoav is the editor of Tasmanian Geographic – if you don’t already know of this worthy publication you should. Go and have a look at

2 thoughts on “Listen out – I’ll be on RN! And did you notice this is a new site?

  1. Good to see Pete, and I listen to RN every morning anyway, soI should catch your reading. Good luck with your new website!

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