And as 2020 rages into being…

Hey there friends.

As I write the natural world rages against the injury we have done to it, and who can blame it.  But the humans who are suffering are, as like as not, just like you and others who may read this, compassionate souls driven to the end of a political cul de sac where there is no place for compassion.  It is our summer of despair.

Amid this despair I have recently, with my friend and collaborator, Paul Gerard, performed a sort of ‘Peter and Pauls’ Greatest Hits’ at the Taste of Tasmania.  (Pity we didn’t have a ‘Mary’ to add in!)  Not really the right sort of venue for us, but we were in top form for a small but enthusiastic audience.  We’re about to do it again at the Cygnet Folk Festival, this weekend (10-12th January), where we’ll be on twice – ‘Indignados!’ first, then a reprise of the ‘Greatest Hits’.  It would be great to see you there, especially as we’ve no additional shows planned!  And the Cygnet Folk Festival is, even without us, a wonderful weekend.

Two other things are looming.  On the 9th – TODAY – I’ll be at the marvellous Moonah Arts Centre for the launch of Jane Giblin’s book, I Shed My Skin.  I’m prominent therein.  Though I’m very much the junior partner, this was a genuine artist/writer collaboration.

Then – on the 18th, at the Jetty Café at Dennes Point, Bruny Island, I’m ‘in conversation’ with Heather Rose.  Though the focus will be on Heather’s controversial novel, Bruny, my own Forgotten Corners will also be thereabouts.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t a copy, but would  like one, let me know.

Stay well friends – and give the rampant red steer a wide berth.